Chumlee’s Wildest and Craziest Moments on Pawn Stars

“Pawn Stars” is known for its entertaining cast of characters, and one of the most beloved among them is Chumlee. Austin Russell, aka Chumlee, has won the hearts of viewers with his humor, laid-back attitude, and quirky personality. Over the years, Chumlee has had his fair share of wild and crazy moments on the show, making him an unforgettable part of the “Pawn Stars” legacy.

1. The Time He Bought a Gigantic Sandwich

In one memorable episode, Chumlee shocked his co-workers and viewers alike when he decided to purchase a gigantic sandwich from a local restaurant. The sandwich was so huge that it could barely fit in the shop’s fridge, leading to hilarious reactions from the rest of the team.

2. Chumlee’s Dance-Off

Chumlee’s playful nature often led to impromptu dance-offs at the shop. Whether it was a victory celebration or just to lighten the mood, Chumlee’s dance moves never failed to bring smiles to everyone’s faces.

3. The $50 Bet


Chumlee is known for making bets with his co-workers, but one bet, in particular, stands out. He once bet $50 that he could complete a set of challenging tasks within a specific time frame. While he didn’t succeed, his determination and enthusiasm were commendable.

4. Chumlee’s Pranks


Chumlee’s mischievous side often came out in the form of pranks on his co-workers. From hiding items to setting up practical jokes, Chumlee’s antics added humor and fun to the show.

5. Chumlee’s Purchase of a Samurai Sword


In one of his more adventurous moments, Chumlee decided to buy a traditional Japanese samurai sword. The purchase raised eyebrows among his co-workers, but Chumlee’s interest in history and unique items made it a memorable moment on the show.

6. The Time He Drove a Tank


In an episode that will forever be etched in “Pawn Stars” history, Chumlee had the opportunity to drive a tank. His excitement and enthusiasm were infectious as he navigated the massive vehicle around an open field.

7. Chumlee’s Unconventional Haggling Techniques


When it comes to haggling, Chumlee has his own unique approach. From cracking jokes to bringing a light-hearted vibe, he often surprised sellers with his unconventional techniques, leading to some interesting negotiations.

8. Chumlee’s Impersonations

Chumlee’s talent for impersonations was another highlight of the show. Whether it was imitating famous personalities or mimicking his co-workers, he added a comedic touch to everyday situations.

9. The Time He Tried to Sell a Clown Car

In one of his more peculiar moments, Chumlee attempted to sell a vintage clown car. While it may not have been the most practical item to have in a pawn shop, his enthusiasm for the quirky piece was contagious.

10. Chumlee’s Impact on Pop Culture

Beyond the show, Chumlee’s unique personality and crazy moments have earned him a special place in pop culture. He has become a beloved figure among fans, and his merchandise and catchphrases have become part of the “Pawn Stars” brand.


Chumlee’s wild and crazy moments have made him an integral part of the “Pawn Stars” experience. From his humorous antics to his genuine passion for unique items, he continues to be a fan-favorite, leaving a lasting impression on viewers around the world.


Q. Is Chumlee’s real name Austin Russell?

A. Yes, Chumlee’s real name is Austin Russell.

Q. What is Chumlee’s role on “Pawn Stars”?

A. Chumlee is an employee at the World Famous Gold & Silver Pawn Shop and plays a key role in the show.

Q. Does Chumlee still work at the pawn shop?

A. As of the latest information available, Chumlee is still associated with the pawn shop.

Q. Is Chumlee as funny in real life as he is on the show?

A. Yes, Chumlee’s fun-loving and humorous personality is authentic and shines through both on and off the show.

Q. What is Chumlee’s net worth?

A. Chumlee’s net worth is estimated to be around $5 million, thanks to his success on “Pawn Stars” and various business ventures.

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